Five Places That You Must Have in Your Costa Rica Honeymoon Package

Extravagant hotels with balconies overlooking oceans, candle light dinners, Jacuzzis, volcanoes and tropical forests are just some of the things that make Costa Rica an ideal honeymoon destination. Whether you want some high adrenaline adventure or are just on the lookout for a peaceful and calm getaway to spend some romantic time alone with your partner, Costa Rica has it all. This Latin American country will captivate you with it’s beauty and diversification and make you want to return again. There are very few destinations in the world that have the power to rejuvenate and inspire people as much as Costa Rica can. With that in mind here are five places that have made Costa Rica a longstanding favorite among lovebirds.  So if you want to experience an outstanding honeymoon in this beautiful country, make sure to choose a Costa Rica honeymoon package that includes at least one of the following locations:


The Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa can be a perfect outing for people looking for a peaceful place to relax. Imagine the feeling of taking a hot water bath in the natural hot springs with a mojito in your hand and your partner by your side. Yes, that is the kind of ambiance you will find at this volcano destination. There is also the lure of adventure sports and top notch hotels and restaurants that make this place a must for all couples.


Spending time in private is what most honeymooners look to have and that is exactly what Uvita provides them. The highland sanctuary features hotels which offer exquisite views, high quality accommodation and delicious food to it’s guests. You will also have the chance to see the whale’s tail shaped coastline that has been given the status of a marine park.

Manuel Antonio

Numerous hotels and traditional restaurants line up along the road at this wonderful Latin American destination leading up to the National Park. If you have a hefty budget, this is the place you want to be as it offers fantastic views and allows you the chance to take back a lot of romantic memories. From luxury beach hotels to jungle view hotels, Manuel Antonio has every accommodation option for every budget… all in one of the best tourist locations in Costa Rica.

Southern Caribbean

The coast of the Caribbean Sea is wonderful all along with sandy beaches covered with tropical trees. The water is clean and warm which makes the overall experience of taking a bath a delightful one. The food here is traditional and the high number of sloths seem to personify the slow and easy going lifestyle of the place. All you need to do is just take a walk to the beach, have a drink and just relax in the warm sunshine.

Guanacaste North Pacific Coast

Guanacaste offers amazing romantic places that are ideal for a Costa Rica honeymoon, with amazing sunsets, delightful white sand beaches and adventure outings. From ATVs to horses, Guanacaste has plenty to offer. It is like a place meant only for lovebirds.  Some of the Guanacaste’s honeymoon destinations include, Santa Teresa, Samara, Nosara, Tamarindo, Gulf of Papagayo and many other.

So if you do visit Costa Rica for your honeymoon, remember to visit at least one these five places as only then will you realize the true beauty of this small Latin American country.