Find The Best Costa Rica Hotel Deals


Are you searching for the best hotel deals in Costa Rica? Or do you intend to visit this amazing country soon? You will find quite handy whether a first timer or a regular visitor. The website offers you a wide range of bargains that will suite any of your holidaying needs whether accommodation, cuisine, regional tours, nightlife and much more. This ensures you enjoy the best Costa Rica has to offer as well as having the time of your life.

Experience the beauty and magnificent atmosphere by staying at a hotel that gives you the panoramic views of the country. The accommodation suites are located close to natural landscapes that bring you close to nature. Maybe you fancy a stroll along the golden white sandy shoreline, or love sitting under the cozy and cool palm tree. Or do you prefer staying at a resort well-hidden in the pristine environment of the region? Whichever your option you will find the most ideal hotel by visiting their website.

One great hotel option they offer is the Best Western Irazu. While staying at this hotel you can take a tour of the region and visit different landmarks and attractions. The hotel is strategically located near many attractions. If you are an arts and crafts lover then you wouldn’t mind a visit to the art gallery. Taking a nature trek or mountain trip will certainly suite the person who loves nature. And if you desire to learn more about the culture and way of life of the people then you will appreciate a visit to the local Costa Rican art museums.

Breathtaking and magnificent attractions are what make Costa Rica a preferred tourist destination for many people. In fact, to enjoy the most of it, you will find it ideal to stay for longer. Besides seeing most attractions you will also get great discounts that can be as high as 25% if you stay for more than 2 nights. This enables you take part in the world famous Costa Rica coffee expedition, visit the amazing volcanoes; take a zip and canopy line tour, and much more.

A taste of the local and exotic cuisine comes handy after a wild adventure or leisure tour of the region. You can have a wide range of first-class delicacies to choose from. What’s more, you will love the tasty and mouth watering presentation done by world-class chefs. Nothing is more relaxing and enjoyable as fine dining and wining while listening to cool and soothing music. If you want to enjoy Costa Rica at its best, we highly recommend you to get in touch with a Costa Rican travel agency as they can help you design the perfect Costa Rica vacation with the best hotels and activities based on you preferences and budget.

Five Places That You Must Have in Your Costa Rica Honeymoon Package

Extravagant hotels with balconies overlooking oceans, candle light dinners, Jacuzzis, volcanoes and tropical forests are just some of the things that make Costa Rica an ideal honeymoon destination. Whether you want some high adrenaline adventure or are just on the lookout for a peaceful and calm getaway to spend some romantic time alone with your partner, Costa Rica has it all. This Latin American country will captivate you with it’s beauty and diversification and make you want to return again. There are very few destinations in the world that have the power to rejuvenate and inspire people as much as Costa Rica can. With that in mind here are five places that have made Costa Rica a longstanding favorite among lovebirds.  So if you want to experience an outstanding honeymoon in this beautiful country, make sure to choose a Costa Rica honeymoon package that includes at least one of the following locations:


The Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa can be a perfect outing for people looking for a peaceful place to relax. Imagine the feeling of taking a hot water bath in the natural hot springs with a mojito in your hand and your partner by your side. Yes, that is the kind of ambiance you will find at this volcano destination. There is also the lure of adventure sports and top notch hotels and restaurants that make this place a must for all couples.


Spending time in private is what most honeymooners look to have and that is exactly what Uvita provides them. The highland sanctuary features hotels which offer exquisite views, high quality accommodation and delicious food to it’s guests. You will also have the chance to see the whale’s tail shaped coastline that has been given the status of a marine park.

Manuel Antonio

Numerous hotels and traditional restaurants line up along the road at this wonderful Latin American destination leading up to the National Park. If you have a hefty budget, this is the place you want to be as it offers fantastic views and allows you the chance to take back a lot of romantic memories. From luxury beach hotels to jungle view hotels, Manuel Antonio has every accommodation option for every budget… all in one of the best tourist locations in Costa Rica.

Southern Caribbean

The coast of the Caribbean Sea is wonderful all along with sandy beaches covered with tropical trees. The water is clean and warm which makes the overall experience of taking a bath a delightful one. The food here is traditional and the high number of sloths seem to personify the slow and easy going lifestyle of the place. All you need to do is just take a walk to the beach, have a drink and just relax in the warm sunshine.

Guanacaste North Pacific Coast

Guanacaste offers amazing romantic places that are ideal for a Costa Rica honeymoon, with amazing sunsets, delightful white sand beaches and adventure outings. From ATVs to horses, Guanacaste has plenty to offer. It is like a place meant only for lovebirds.  Some of the Guanacaste’s honeymoon destinations include, Santa Teresa, Samara, Nosara, Tamarindo, Gulf of Papagayo and many other.

So if you do visit Costa Rica for your honeymoon, remember to visit at least one these five places as only then will you realize the true beauty of this small Latin American country.

The Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is a great place to visit all year round. There are glamorous beaches and old ruins that will capture your imagination and make your stay there truly magical. The top travel destinations in Mexico ultimately have these and more.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is noted for its beautiful beaches and even more captivating underwater inhabitants and dive spots. There are dozens of hotels at the beachfront that give you unlimited access to pristine, white sand and clear, blue waters. Under the sea, you will be treated to amazing formations that house gentle sea creatures. Both beginner and professional divers will love the area because of the abundance of marine life. For those who are not into diving, there are many different water sports and activities that most of the hotels there provide. From parasailing to snorkeling, you will be able to test your limits and enjoy what Mexico has to offer. Aside from water activities, Playa del Carmen has old ruins that you can visit and explore at the Coba Mayan Village to get a feel of its ancient culture and heritage. The Jungle Place Sanctuary is another great place to get to know some of the local wildlife and learn about them. Shopping is also something that can fill up your days in Playa del Carmen. There are streets and avenues filled with little shops and vendors for your shopping pleasure.


In Tulum, you get to see one of the better preserved ruins of Mayan civilization as well as laze around in the exquisite beach. The ruins are among the last built by the Mayans and have great detail and culture preserved in them. There are also some temples that show some archeological sites and well-preserved frescoes for those who are interested. Labnaha Eco Park offer visitors thrilling underground river exploration to see stalactite formations. Cenote Dos Ojos is also a great diving destination because of the underground caves that can be accessed only through this spectacular hole in the middle of a forest. Many cave divers are thrilled with the different caverns and rock formations that they encounter here.

Cabo San Lucas

One of the top travel destinations in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas has a range of beaches for different people starting with the serene waters in the Sea of Cortez and ending with the surfers’ paradise, Zippers. There are also some mind-boggling rock formations at Cannery Beach that are worthy of several photographs. The beach is not the only attraction here, Desert Park National Reserve will be a favorite for children because they can interact with dolphins and camels, among other animals.

For those who love the beach and the ocean, Mexico is an ideal travel destination and for those looking for more, you can find what you are looking for here as well.

The Best Ecotourism Destinations

Does being close to nature excite you? Would you like to spend your next vacation up, close, and personal with Mother Nature? If your idea of having a memorable moment is by spending time in lush jungles, close to colorful coral reefs, or sprawling savannas, then this article is for you. Below are some of the options you have in regards to the best ecotourism destinations. These are places that have some of the most unique ecology and incredible natural resources. They also have sustainable preservation methods in place to ensure people get to enjoy this for as long as possible in a beautiful and uncontaminated manner.

Costa Rica

This region in Central American territory is virtually a synonym for ecotourism with an incredible abundance of wildlife refuges as well as vast range of plants and animals. Black sandy beaches, five active volcanoes, misty cloud forests, thermal hot springs, rushing river rapids, and thick rainforests are a common phenomenon in Costa Rica. Nature fanatics and active travelers will not want to leave once they set foot here. You will be pleased to learn that national parks have an extensive array of creatures such as sloths, monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles, poison dart frogs, and sea turtles among many others.


It is not referred to as the “Lungs of the Earth” without reason. Producing around 20% of the oxygen on earth, the incredible Amazon rainforest is well known for surrounding the largest river system in the world supporting numerous birds, aquatic species, mammals, and plants. The best spot for eco lovers to experience this is in Brazil where you can get to discover an ecosystems montage. There are plenty of activities you can engage in here where the sights and sounds will just blow you away as you get to indulge in one of the most excellent nature’s scene.


This African country makes it on the list of the best ecotourism destinations thanks to its popular extensive savannas that have plenty of wildlife roaming around. Additionally, the country is also home to lakes, mountains, deserts, rainforests, and beaches each with its one of a kind ecosystem as well as wildlife. There are about 50 national parks and reserves that protect the natural diversity located all over the region. Visiting here during the months of July and August allows you to see the spectacular migration of wildebeests from the Masai Mara National Reserve. The country has also made incredible strides to enhance the use of clean energy and sustainability.

Best Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is undisputed one of the most beautiful and amazing travel destinations for couples, families and even friends. Among the many things that make it exceptional are the breathtaking beaches, great weather, friendly locals and not mentioning, vacationing in Costa Rica is quite affordable. If you’re planning on visiting this wonderful place, here are a few of the best destinations that you should consider visiting:

1. Manuel Antonio:

As one of the most beautiful spots in the country, Manuel Antonio will let you enjoy not only the exciting beach life but also see and visit the coral reefs, the rain forest and the National Park. Thus, other than swimming and enjoying the magical scenes and sounds of the area, you’ll also have the opportunity to go on zip lining tours, boat trips, ATV adventures as well as scuba diving, water rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sport fishing, bird watching (for awesome birding tours feel free to visit and horseback riding and among others. Manuel Antonio is located on southern part of Quepos.

2. Drake Bay:

Being one of the most remote areas in Costa Rica, Drake Bay makes an excellent destination for honeymooners or simply anyone who wants to have a quiet and serene holiday/vacation. What makes this region exquisite is that it can only be accessed by a boat or plane. While staying here, you’ll have a chance to see lots of wildlife species, the spectacular beaches as well as get to visit the Cano Island and the Corcovado National Park.

3. Arenal Volcano:

Visiting Areal Volcano will give you a chance to see one of the world’s most active volcanoes and also experience the volcanic hot springs, the lava flows and the area’s lush rain-forest. Other than this, you may also choose to indulge in a number of activities such as windsurfing, zip lining, kayaking, horseback riding, fishing, white water rafting and hiking – all of which can be experienced around the outskirts of this majestic Volcano.

4. Jacó Beach:

If you are a huge and active fan of surfing, kayaking, sport fishing, hiking, horseback riding or backpacking, Jacó Beach is the place for you. By it being Costa Rica’s most famous destination, there’s always a lot going on here. It’s therefore advisable that you find and hire a tour operator who will help in custom designing the ideal adventure for you.

5. Monteverde:

If you love nature, then, you’ll definitely fall in love with Monteverde. This small town is home to some of Costa Rica’s most breathtaking cloud forests, rain forests and reserves. The place is so magnificent to the extent that it’s considered among the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica. Monteverde is located in Puntarenas.

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