The Best Ecotourism Destinations

Does being close to nature excite you? Would you like to spend your next vacation up, close, and personal with Mother Nature? If your idea of having a memorable moment is by spending time in lush jungles, close to colorful coral reefs, or sprawling savannas, then this article is for you. Below are some of the options you have in regards to the best ecotourism destinations. These are places that have some of the most unique ecology and incredible natural resources. They also have sustainable preservation methods in place to ensure people get to enjoy this for as long as possible in a beautiful and uncontaminated manner.

Costa Rica

This region in Central American territory is virtually a synonym for ecotourism with an incredible abundance of wildlife refuges as well as vast range of plants and animals. Black sandy beaches, five active volcanoes, misty cloud forests, thermal hot springs, rushing river rapids, and thick rainforests are a common phenomenon in Costa Rica. Nature fanatics and active travelers will not want to leave once they set foot here. You will be pleased to learn that national parks have an extensive array of creatures such as sloths, monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles, poison dart frogs, and sea turtles among many others.


It is not referred to as the “Lungs of the Earth” without reason. Producing around 20% of the oxygen on earth, the incredible Amazon rainforest is well known for surrounding the largest river system in the world supporting numerous birds, aquatic species, mammals, and plants. The best spot for eco lovers to experience this is in Brazil where you can get to discover an ecosystems montage. There are plenty of activities you can engage in here where the sights and sounds will just blow you away as you get to indulge in one of the most excellent nature’s scene.


This African country makes it on the list of the best ecotourism destinations thanks to its popular extensive savannas that have plenty of wildlife roaming around. Additionally, the country is also home to lakes, mountains, deserts, rainforests, and beaches each with its one of a kind ecosystem as well as wildlife. There are about 50 national parks and reserves that protect the natural diversity located all over the region. Visiting here during the months of July and August allows you to see the spectacular migration of wildebeests from the Masai Mara National Reserve. The country has also made incredible strides to enhance the use of clean energy and sustainability.