The Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is a great place to visit all year round. There are glamorous beaches and old ruins that will capture your imagination and make your stay there truly magical. The top travel destinations in Mexico ultimately have these and more.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is noted for its beautiful beaches and even more captivating underwater inhabitants and dive spots. There are dozens of hotels at the beachfront that give you unlimited access to pristine, white sand and clear, blue waters. Under the sea, you will be treated to amazing formations that house gentle sea creatures. Both beginner and professional divers will love the area because of the abundance of marine life. For those who are not into diving, there are many different water sports and activities that most of the hotels there provide. From parasailing to snorkeling, you will be able to test your limits and enjoy what Mexico has to offer. Aside from water activities, Playa del Carmen has old ruins that you can visit and explore at the Coba Mayan Village to get a feel of its ancient culture and heritage. The Jungle Place Sanctuary is another great place to get to know some of the local wildlife and learn about them. Shopping is also something that can fill up your days in Playa del Carmen. There are streets and avenues filled with little shops and vendors for your shopping pleasure.


In Tulum, you get to see one of the better preserved ruins of Mayan civilization as well as laze around in the exquisite beach. The ruins are among the last built by the Mayans and have great detail and culture preserved in them. There are also some temples that show some archeological sites and well-preserved frescoes for those who are interested. Labnaha Eco Park offer visitors thrilling underground river exploration to see stalactite formations. Cenote Dos Ojos is also a great diving destination because of the underground caves that can be accessed only through this spectacular hole in the middle of a forest. Many cave divers are thrilled with the different caverns and rock formations that they encounter here.

Cabo San Lucas

One of the top travel destinations in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas has a range of beaches for different people starting with the serene waters in the Sea of Cortez and ending with the surfers’ paradise, Zippers. There are also some mind-boggling rock formations at Cannery Beach that are worthy of several photographs. The beach is not the only attraction here, Desert Park National Reserve will be a favorite for children because they can interact with dolphins and camels, among other animals.

For those who love the beach and the ocean, Mexico is an ideal travel destination and for those looking for more, you can find what you are looking for here as well.